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Bye-Bye Pinpin Hello 2021

Bonne Année 2021 pour un nouveau départ !

C’est officiel, j’ai quitté Pinpin Team, société que j’ai co-fondée il y a plus de 12 ans. Je me lance maintenant dans de nouveaux projets de jeux vidéo en indé. J’ai envie d’expérimenter beaucoup de choses. À moi la liberté totale ! Pinpin Team fut une belle aventure avec des gens bourrés de talent à […]

Unreal Engine 5 real-time demo running on PS5 is incredible!

Unreal Engine 5 real-time demo running on PS5 is incredible! It is so beautiful and smooth. This is a huge gap for next generation of console! I think it is the first time I am impressed by console. (Yeah I’m team PC from the begining)

Move from Wunderlist to Todoist

Move from Wunderlist to Todoist

Edit: Wunderlist founder is working on a new to-do app called Superlist. With Wunderlist closing soon to become Microsoft To Do it is time you move to Todoist. I’m a huge fan of Todoist to keep track of everything I must do. It’s my main application on each device I use. As soon as I […]

Unity 2018.1 now available cover picture

Unity 2018.1 is now available! What’s new for developers?

Unity 2018.1 game engine brings a lot’s of new features with this major release. First, let’s discuss rendering templates. Also Shader Graph, then ProBuilder in-editor 3D tools builder. To conclude let’s talk about 2D SpriteShape and 2D Animation System, both are a preview.