Move from Wunderlist to Todoist

Move from Wunderlist to Todoist

Edit: Wunderlist founder is working on a new to-do app called Superlist.

With Wunderlist closing soon to become Microsoft To Do it is time you move to Todoist.

I’m a huge fan of Todoist to keep track of everything I must do. It’s my main application on each device I use. As soon as I think about something it goes straight in my inbox. I know I will review it later for sure and make it actionable thanks to GTD methodology.

Why I like it?

Because when you add an entry you can add categories, tags and due date just with your keyboard and natural language (and 2 special characters). It is easy and effective!

It is available on every platforms from Mac to windows. Even my Apple Watch.

It is perfect to use with Getting Things Done David Allen methodology know as GTD.

Start using Todoist

I like it so much I subscribed to premium version some years ago and I never regret it. Follow this link to get 2 months of free premium Todoist.

How to move from Wunderlist?

Read this blog post from Todoist. It explains how to export your current todos from Wunderlist to Todoist.

Header illustration by Margarida Mouta

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