Beach Defender

Type: Casual Arcade Shooter
Devices: iOS, Android

Techno: SpriteKit + Swift then C# + Unity
Companies: Personal Work

Beach Defender
Beach Defender
Développeur: Florian Brochard
Prix: Gratuit

About Beach Defender

Beach Defender is a personal project to learn how to create native iOS game with Xcode using SpriteKit in Swift.

Later I port the game to Unity to publish it on Google Play and get rid of native iOS version to focus on Unity one.

My work

  • Game programming with SpriteKit game library in Swift. Then programming in C# with Unity game engine
  • 4bits pixel art with Aseprite base on original GameBoy art. (My first console ever)
  • 8bit sound design
  • Promotion website (no more available)


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